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  Ken Forging Inc. Manufacturer Forge Shop Forged Machine Production Impacter Furnace Drop Forged Hammer Forged Industrial Hardware Fastener Industry Custom Forge Custom Forgings Industrial Supplies

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Toll Free: 888-536-3674
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Address: 1049 Griggs Road, Jefferson, Ohio 44047 USA


Plating/Coatings: Plating Electro Zinc Electro Galvanize ASTM B633 Hot Dip Galvanized ASTM A153 Passivate Electropolish Chromate Olive Drab Black Oxide Anodize Anodizing
Threading: Threaded UNC Coarse Thread 6 Threads per Inch 8 Thread per Inch UNF Fine Thread Class 2A Class 2B Fit Metric M series ISO Thread ACME Thread Pitch TPI UN United National Standard
Machining: Drill Drilled Drilling Coin Coining Stamp Stamping Hollow Mill Hollow-Mill Saw Cut-Off Modify Modified Special Modified Machined Threaded Special Modified Custom
Material: Carbon Steel C1018 1018 C1020 1020 C1022 1022 C1030 1030 C1035 1035 C1040 1040 C1045 1045 A36 A588 300 Series Stainless Steel 304SS 316SS 304 SS 316 SS Alloy Steel 4140 8620 F-11 F11 F-22 F22 Material
Heat Treat: Heat-Treat Heat Treatment Heat Treating Normalize Normalizing Anneal Annealing Temper Tempering Quench Solution Treated
Services/Products: Custom Forge Shop Custom Forgings Custom Forged Plain Pattern Eyebolts Shoulder Pattern Eyebolts Rod Rods Rod End Blank Rod Ends Drilled Rod Ends Threaded Rod Ends Eye Nuts Heavy Duty Eye Nuts 2H Eye Nuts Clevis Forgings Blank Forged Clevises Forged Clevis Adjustable Yoke Ends Yoke Ends Yoke End Yoke Pin Yoke Pins Pad Eye Pad Eyes Safety Swivel Hoist Ring Safety Swivel Hoist Rings Turnbuckle Turnbuckles Turnbuckle Assembly Turnbuckle Assemblies Turnbuckle Fittings Turnbuckle End Pulls Turnbuckle Stubs Turnbuckle Eyebolts Turnbuckle Jaws D-Ring Clips D-Rings Finger Clamps Goose Neck Clamps Plain Clamps U Clamps C Clamps Thumbscrews Saddle Adjustable Strap Clamps Machine Clamps T-Slot Nuts T Slot Nut Clevis Forgings Wedge Wedges Die Die Making Tool and Die Die Shop CNC Open Die Closed Die Upsetting Upsetter Tooling Set-up Tools Hammer Forge Impacter Forge Hot Forge Drop Forge ASTM ASME SAE ISO ACME ANSI IFI Rated Capacity Proof Load Tensile Strength Breaking Strength Safe Work Load Safe Working Load Recommended Working Load Rated Capacities Testing